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Welcome to the Mr. Phone Exchange for mobile phone accessories, mobile phone repairing and mobile phones unlocking. We stock have a never ending list of all the top mobile phone gadgets. We deal in all kinds of mobile phone accessories which are needed to gear up your mobile phone or for some user friendly feature. No matter what is the make of your handset, as we deal in accessories of almost all of the top brands of world . . .

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Mobile phones are not nearly as fun without their accessories, while some of those accessories may be entertainment, other are a vital if you want to keep your phone protected from damage such as scratches on your screen in the long term . . .

At Mr. Phone Exchange, our team is committed to providing you with efficient repair and maintenance solutions. Our services range across the board with both hardware and software solutions including screen repairs for all types of mobile devices, camera repairs . . .

Mr. Phone Exchange provides top notch mobile unlocking services so that you can enjoy network freedom. If your phone is locked and does not support your network carrier it will offer an invalid sim card error or something akin that renders network services . . .

Mobile Repairing

Broke your mobile phone? Whether your phone is facing a hardware issue or a software issue, we can fix it all!

Tablet Repairing

Tablet Repairing

Dropped your tablet and broke the screen? Have an issue with the software? Bring it to us and we’ll fix it in no time!

Laptop Repair


Is your laptop having issues? No matter the problem, we will repair your laptop and restore it to prime condition!

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